Makeup Trends- Looking Back to Today 50 Years From Now

Today's Makeup Trends in 50 Years
Looking back at the last 100 years of makeup trends, each decade conjures up images of a very distinct look. The underedrawn cherry red lips of the 1920’s, the dramatic bottom lashes and pastel lips colors of the 60’s, and the blue eyeshadow of the 80’s are a few good examples of how makeup trends become iconic signifiers of different historical periods. Recently I got to wondering how this period, the 2010’s, will be remembered for in beauty history. Here are some of my predictions for what will be remembered as an iconic 2017 look!

1) Thick, bold eyebrows

Today's Makeup Trends Eyebrows

The first thing that came to mind when thinking about today’s makeup trends was EYEBROWS! Popularized in the last 5 year, bold, thick brows achieved using a brow pomade, pencil, or even powder can be seen everywhere you go! With tens of thousands of videos demonstrating how to achieve the perfect Anastasia brow, this will surely be one of the first things to come to mind when looking back on 2017 makeup.

2) Matte Lips

Makeup Trends Matte Lips

Liquid lipsticks have popularized the matte, transfer-proof lips that are now a staple in any beauty guru’s arsenal. Sacrificing comfort for the highly-pigmented formula and velvet finish, makeup artists from all over the world have created amazing looks using the doe foot applicators.


3) Contouring

Makeup Trends Contouring

Kim Kardashian is often credited with bringing this mega-trend into the limelight. Using powders and creams in shades 3-4 tones darker than the skin, contouring helps to define facial features by deeping areas where shadows are naturally found. A spin-off of contouring that focuses on lightening areas of the face that normally receive sunlight, called strobing, is slightly less popular; however, the two are often used in concert to manipulate the shape of the face dramatically!


What do you think? What trends from today’s makeup will 2017 become known for? Leave your answers in the comments below!


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