Advice for Beginning Youtubers: Five Things I Wish I Had Known

You’re starting a Youtube channel!!! Congratulations! It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there… I procrastinated for years before I finally started my channel. Youtube is a ton of fun and so rewarding, but it’s also a lot of hard work and can be discouraging for beginning youtubers when your numbers aren’t growingRead more

How I get FREE MAKEUP and lifestyle products without a big social following!

How I get free makeup without a huge social following

Yes, you read that right. You, too, can get absolutely free makeup, skincare, and hair care products without having thousands of followers! No “discount codes” that make you pay for the majority of the product, or “just pay ($20) shipping” gimmicks, I promise. I’ve gotten over $200 of legitimate, full-size, brand-name products over the lastRead more

New Year’s Resolutions: Mid-Year Update


This post may contain affiliate links. I promise to only recommend products that I genuinely love and believe in. I may receive a (very small) commission if you purchase of of these products using my link at no extra cost to you. So it’s (about) that time of year when everybody starts saying “can youRead more

Ethical Shopping on a Student Budget

Ethical Shopping on a Student Budget

Ethical shopping is hard. Trust me, I know. Between being a cruelty free makeup artist and swearing off fast fashion companies that don’t pay their employees a living wage, looking good as a (very recently graduated) college student seems financially unattainable. However, with a little (or a lot if I’m being honest) of extra effortRead more

Liebster Award Nomination – 11 Facts About Me

Liebster Award 11 Facts

(Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I genuinely use and love.) Proud moment of the week: my little blog got nominated for an award! The Liebster award is designed to help recognize and grow excellent new blogs.  I was nominated by Cythnia from FoodieFoodMood, a great travel and food blog! GoRead more


Having a mental health problem sucks. Seriously. Anxiety and depression can take even the most motivated driven individual and turn them into a pile of sweatpants that can’t get out of bed. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, I want you to know that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! I spent a long time feelingRead more