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20 Resolutions for 2020 + Sharing My Vision Board

20 resolutions for 2020

It’s 2020. The year I turn 24 and we celebrate 3 years of marriage. The year we buy our first home. The year we meet our sweet growing babe! Holy crap! Guys, how did it come so fast?

I’ve been so focused on this pregnancy (and let’s be honest- trying to come out of the first trimester in one piece) that the new year really snuck up on me. Still, I am a true enneagram 3 and an opportunity to set goals is always something I welcome, so in the last few weeks of 2019, I sat down and wrote all of my 2020 new year’s resolutions and made my vision board.

I feel like new year’s resolutions get such a bad rep. One camp bemoans all of the resolutions that they make and then abandon halfway through January, while the other complains that people “wait” until January 1st to make important life changes. I think implementing positive changes is an admirable thing to do any time of the year, and sticking to your goals is an important promise you make to yourself. I think any excuse to reevaluate and re-up your commitments to yourself and your life is something to celebrate.

With that being said, today I’m sharing my 20 resolutions for 2020 and giving you guys a peek into my vision board (and my philosophy behind it!

1. Cultivate a More Positive Mindset

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t a “SMART” goal, but my word for 2020 is “positivity.” I like choosing a word at the beginning of the year to focus on and use as a roadmap when I feel lost. I feel like I was a pretty Negative Nelly in 2019 (thanks anxiety!) and this year I’m determined to look on the bright side a little (or a lot) more often.

2. Try at Least 1 New Recipe Per Week

I made this resolution last year, but only promised to try new recipes on a monthly basis. I ended up trying so many new ones and enjoying myself so much that I’m upping the ante this year! This week alone I tried making chia seed pudding and Buddha bowls for the first time!

3. Create Something Every Month That’s Just For Me

Between being a creative entrepreneur to running my YouTube channel, the artistic pursuits that used to be my hobbies are now my job. I’m SO thankful, but I also want to make sure that I’m cultivating my creativity in other ways and making at least one piece of art (very loosely defined) that serves no other purpose than to make me happy.

4. Get Outside Every Day

The vitamin D deficiency is real in Seattle, y’all. I miss my California sunshine so much! Even when it’s cloudy, though, getting outside for at least fifteen minutes every day seems to have really positive affects on my mental health!

5. Upload at Least 52 YouTube Videos

I’m planning on changing to a twice a week upload schedule on my YouTube channel in 2020, but I set this very attainable goal to keep myself on track because I don’t know what life will look like after this baby comes!

6. Hang Out With Female Friends at Least Once a Month

Female friendships are soooooo important, but it can be hard to stay connected when it’s gloomy and rainy outside and all I want to do is stay home and snuggle my husband and bunnies. I have my outings for January and February already planned and I’m excited to get started on the right foot!

7. Learn to Sew

This has been on my to do list for a few years, but since the hubby gave me a sewing machine for Christmas this year, I have no excuses! I’d love to make at least one garment for myself and one for the baby by the end of the year. If you have any recommendations for where to learn, please let me know!

8. Get Screen Time on my Phone to 3 Hours or Less

This is an ambitious one since my current average is over 5 hours (yikes!) Being on my phone always drains me and makes me so anxious, but I continue to pick it up and start scrolling out of sheer habit. No more! I’ve set screen time limits for my most-used apps and designated an “unplugged” box for my phone to go in when I know I won’t need it.

9. Travel to at Least 2 New Places

Matt and I are planning a babymoon in Kauai, so I just need one more trip to cross this one off the 2020 bucket list! Ideally I’d love to go visit my best friend in Nashville since international travel with a baby scares the crap out of me!

10. Eat Less Meat

I want to do at least 2 meatless days every week this year. Honestly, meat has sounded kinda gross to me lately anyway, so I don’t think this will be too hard!

11. Eliminate Single-Use Ziplocks

One step further in my journey to reduce my waste. Hello, Stasher bags!

12. Work Out 3x per Week

How original, right? I consistently worked out 4-5 days per week in the Spring-Fall, but the first trimester exhaustion and the cold weather has got me down to 1 or 2 days at best recently. I plan on listening to my body and being a lot more lax about what I consider a work out, but I want to get my body moving for at least 30 minutes three times per week.

13. Drink 64 oz of Water per Day

My doctor recommends 96 ounces, but I usually tap out around 80. Lately I’ve been washing out and refilling a 40-oz Burger King cup, which for some reason has made this way easier. Pregnancy is weird!

14. Complement a Woman I Don’t Know at Least Once Per Day

I’ve done this resolution for about five years now so at this point it’s a habit. It is SO cool to get to spread a little bit of joy and boost up another woman every day!

15. Practice Self-Compassion and Self-Love

I am SO mean to myself sometimes. I beat myself up about every tiny thing I’ve ever done wrong and have no compassion for myself when I mess up. If I were my friend, I would tell me to never talk to myself again because I am such a bully to my own heart! That ends this year.

16. Turn Off Work at 5 PM

And stop checking my work email so much on weekends! I definitely have a tendency toward workaholism. Being an entrepreneur can be so much pressure, since, as April Ludgate would say, “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, people!” This year I want to be at work when I’m at work, and present with my friends and family when I’m off the proverbial clock.

17. Hit 15,000 YouTube Subscribers

I basically want to double my YouTube subscribers this year, which is so scary but so exciting!

18. Buy a House

Okay, this one is more of a goal than a resolution, but I just had to share because I’m so dang excited! Get ready for alllll the DIY and renovation videos this Spring!

19. Replace My Corporate Salary with my Business

So scary. But doable! This year I’m charging what I’m worth and networking my butt off! It’s a good thing I love what I do so much, because making the equivalent of my old corporate salary while running my own business is SO much more work. But also SO much more rewarding!

20. Be the Best Mom I Can Be

Cliche, huh? But with baby Acuna coming in June, this is really my most important resolution. I’m not putting any parameters on what this should look like because I can’t even imagine what motherhood is going to be like yet, but I want to do everything in my power to love on and nurture our little bean.

My Vision Board

My vision board is such an important tool for visualizing and staying on top of my goals. I put my 2019 vision board on my fridge where I would see it every day and guys… it was like magic! Almost every single thing I put on there came true! This year I’m focusing on much more amorphous goals, but it’s still good to have a reminder of where I want to go and what I want my life to look like this year.

If you guys want me to do a whole post on how I curated and designed my vision board, please let me know! I’d also love to hear some of your resolutions and goals for this shiny new year we have ahead of us!

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