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How to Dress Feminine in Cold Weather

how to dress feminine in cold weather

When Matt and I moved up to Seattle last year, I was prepared for a lot of things: the rain and gray, the so-called “Seattle Freeze” and (tragically) the lack of In-N-Out. One thing that I was NOT prepared for, however, was knowing how to dress feminine in cold weather.

I typically have a pretty girly style. I love pastels and floral and dresses, but I also love a good chunky sweater! Last year, though, I found that after a few months in the cold weather, my daily uniform of “neutral sweater and jeans” was feeling pretty stale, and made me feel bland and not very feminine. With quite a bit of trial and error, here are the things that I have started incorporating in order to dress feminine in cold weather:


One of the main things that was missing from my Fall/Winter wardrobe was color! I had abandoned my pinks, yellows, and blues for neutrals. And while earth tones, white, and gray can be cozy and definitely feel seasonally appropriate, wearing nothing else kinda bums me out. A step that I took this year to make my Fall/Winter wardrobe more feminine was to add lots of color. Pink, blue, and purple sweaters help me feel a little bit more girly even when I’m bundled up!

Incorporate Jewelry

This one is probably a no-brainer, but mixing in some dainty and statement jewelry helps spice up your outfit and add

My favorite place to get jewelry is Mejuri. Their pieces are such high quality but they’re actually still affordable!!! You can get 10% off Mejuri (and shop all of my favorite pieces here.

Balance Fitted/Loose

Balance your top/bottom pieces so that you have at least one more form-fitting piece. For example, pair a chunky sweater with skinny jeans, or wide-leg pants with a form-fitting turtleneck.

Define Your Waist

This one is KEY to not feeling like the Michelin man. Defining your waist with a belt, a pair of high-waisted pants, or a cropped jacket helps draw attention to the fact that you do, in fact, have a shape other than “marshmallow.”

Get Thick, Warm Tights

This is KEY to being able to wear skirts and dresses in the Fall and Winter. Get a black pair and a nude pair. Back in my musical theatre glory days, I used to wear these Capezzio tights ALL the time and they were so warm!


Adding a cute hat, pair of socks, or heeled booties make any outfit instantly feel more feminine.

Use Form-fitting Layers

Everything you’ve heard about layering is true. It is absolutely the best way to stay warm. unfortunately, it’s also the best way so completely lose your silhouette and look like a walking marshmallow. the trick I’ve found most helpful is to get thin layers that are really skintight, like these 32 Degrees Heat undershirts from Costco, which I swear by.

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