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Where to Buy Cute Plant Pots

where to buy cute plant pots

I don’t know if this is just me, but I always find that I have too many pots and need to buy more houseplants to fill them, or all of my plants need to be repotted and I desperately need new pots. I know, #crazyplantladyproblems. Either way, I’m pretty much always looking for where to buy cute plant pots for my favorite low-maintenance house plants. Here are my favorite places to buy cute plant pots:

The Thrift Store

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the first place I look for plant pots is the thrift store. The great thing about the thrift store is that pretty much anything that’s waterproof and the right shape can be used as a plant pot! I’ve found some really cute pots that are actually meant for plants at the thrift store, but more often than not I find a vintage ceramic piece or a cute basket to put my grower pot in!

where to buy cute plant pots


If you haven’t heard of Anko, let me introduce you: Anko is an Australian department store where everything is ethically and sustainably made and SO affordable! They only have brick and mortar locations in the US here in Washington, but everyone can shop them online! I got these three plant pots for under $30 total and they all have drainage holes! I’m doing a whole Anko haul on my YouTube channel next week, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

where to buy cute plant pots


Ikea actually has some really great, affordable plant pot options! I really love their basket-style pots because they have plastic liners inside so you don’t need a grower pot! Just make sure you pick up some of the ODLA clay pellets to put at the bottom of the put for drainage!


If I’m feeling a little bit more spendy, I’ll treat myself to a pot from Anthropologie. These are definitely a bit more expensive and most of their pots don’t have drainage holes, but you just can’t beat the originality and whimsy of Anthropologie designs! I especially love this rattan wrapped pot and this light pink cracked texture pot.

where to buy cute plant pots

Your Local Nursery

If you have the patience to wade through the terra cotta pots and less-than-cute options, your local nursery might have some hidden gems! I found this terrazzo option at our local garden center and I love it so much!

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy cute plant pots, I hope this post was helpful! I’d love to know what you think is the best place to buy planters, so leave me a comment below!

Disclaimer: this post may include affiliate links, meaning that I make a small percentage of the purchase price (at no additional cost to you) if you order any of these plant cuties online! I promise to only recommend products I genuinely use and believe in. This post is not sponsored.


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    Crazy plant ladies unite! Will have to check out Anko now that some of mine are looking like they need new homes.

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