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My Autumn Favorites for 2019!

It’s time for share my Autumn favorites! I’m pretty sure it’s painfully obvious at this point that I’m deeply, passionately in love with Fall. From fall baking to fall photoshoots and checking off everything on my Fall bucket list, I’m a little nuts when it comes to these few crisp, colorful months of the year.

Since Matt and I are saving for a house right now (we had a meeting at the bank yesterday! Shiz is getting real!) I haven’t really been buying a lot of new products recently. What I HAVE been doing is thrifting, finding ways to have fun for free (hello, library!) and really enjoying the few new items I’ve been gifted from brands I really love. (This post isn’t sponsored, I just genuinely love this stuff so much!

Today I’m excited to share with you guys everything I’ve been wearing, eating, reading, and enjoying in my home this Autumn!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Mockneck Cotton Sweater

I thrifted this mockneck cotton sweater for 50 cents!!! and I’ve pretty much worn it at least three times a week since. It’s so comfortable, keeps my neck warm without making me feel like I’m choking, and is thin enough to tuck into my high-waisted wide-leg pants from Madewell without making me look too bulky. Everlane sells a REALLY similar sweater that I’m sure is just as comfy and cute!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Ottoto Atrium Glasses

I finally got a new pair of glasses! I get all my glasses from GlassesUSA because they’re so affordable, and I’ve been eyeing this pair for quite a while! I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to pull them off or if I just look like Commander Lawrence from The Handmaid’s Tale, but either way I’m really enjoying them! Huge thank you to GlassesUSA for gifting these to me!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Lotta from Stockholm Clogs

I now have not one, not two, but three pairs of clogs from Lotta from Stockholm. The most recent addition to my collection are these taupe highwood clogs which I’ve been wearing with everything! These were so kindly gifted to me from the brand and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Pastel Pumpkins

How have I never had pastel pumpkins before? Matt and I visited the pumpkin patch this weekend because we had free pumpkin tickets from our trip to the Sunflower fields last month. In addition to our classic orange carving pumpkins, I also picked up a white, light orange, and sage green pumpkin. They’re currently living on our bar cart underneath our record player and they look so so cute!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Vintage Halloween Blanket

You know that woven poinsettia blanket your parents got as a gift in the 90’s that you’ve snuggled up in every holiday season since? I found a HALLOWEEN VERSION at the thrift store! For $2! This is so nostalgic and one of my favorite thrift store find ever.

Autumn Favorites 2019

Felt Letter Boards

I’ve had a felt letter board for a little over a year and I’m still not over how fun they are! I have multiple in my house now thanks to the Fall Causebox and I’ve had so much fun switching up the little sayings on them! Right now the one in our kitchen says “Trick or Treat Yo’Self” (because Parks and Rec) and I made a cute little ghost out of letters for our other one!

Autumn Favorites 2019

Elcie Cosmetics LashFull Mascara

I’ve had this rattling around in my makeup drawer for ages (I think it came from Beautycon or Gen Beauty a few years ago?) but only just opened it up when I ran out of my tried and true Light, Camera, Lashes mascara. And guys…. I don’t think my lashed have ever looked longer! It does tend to flask off a bit towards the end of the day but the volume and length is so so worth it!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Ginger Beer

It wouldn’t be an Autumn favorites without something pumpkin spice! If you like a good Moscow Mule, you’ve gotta try a pumpkin spice version! Throw in 2 parts PS ginger beer and 1 part vodka, a dash of pumpkin pie spice, and get ready for the best seasonal boozy beverage you’ve ever had. If you want yours a little sweeter, you can also add apple cider!

Autumn Favorites 2019

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

This feel-good read is basically a romcom in book-form. I tore through this whole thing in just over 24 hours because it was just so much fun to read! The characters are so likable and the little twist towards the end made this book almost impossible to put down!

What are your Autumn favorites?

I’d love to know what you’re reading, watching, and doing this Autumn! Let me know in the comments down below!

Disclaimer: this post may include affiliate links, meaning that I make a small percentage of the purchase price (at no additional cost to you) if you order any of these plant cuties online! I promise to only recommend products I genuinely use and believe in. This post is not sponsored.

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