Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup: The Ultimate Guide

Cruelty Free Makeup: I think most of us would prefer it if there weren’t any other factors in play. I mean, who wants to hurt cute little bunnies, right? Unfortunately, buying cruelty free makeup isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. First of all, most drugstore brands are not cruelty free, and I think IRead more

7 Blog Posts to Help You Start Your Website!

Starting a blog is intimidating. HTML, the WordPress backend, SEO, Adsense… Where to begin? The great thing is, you’re not the first person to do this! There are lots of wonderful established bloggers who can help walk you through what could be the most exciting adventure of your life! Here are seven blog posts thatRead more

Naked Heat GIVEAWAY & Early Launch Event

Sometimes living in California sucks. Crazy high rent, loads and loads of traffic, steadily rising avocado prices… (just kidding… kind of). Every once in a while, though, it has SERIOUS perks. Like when you live 20 minutes away from the Urban Decay corporate headquarters and they do an early launch event for their new NakedRead more

4 Bold Lip Colors for Summer!

I don’t know what it is about the Summer season, but as soon as the sun comes out in full force I get the urge to inject a lot of color into my makeup! Inspired by the force of nature that in the orange-lip trend this year, I picked out four bold lip colors thatRead more

Vanity Tour 2017

My vanity is my self-care station. It’s where I start my day by taking care of my face and body and check in with myself emotionally. And until recently, it needed a MAJOR facelift. With a few purchases from Target and Ikea, it went from a raggedy mess to my favorite place in my home!Read more

Three Must-Have Products For Glowing Summer Skin

With Summer rolling around and the continuance of the dewy skin trend, I wanted to pick up a few no-hassle skin and makeup products that would leave me glowing without all the upkeep. These three products were by FAR the best that I tried this month (and just the best in general!) Product 1: PeachRead more

How to Move Into Your First Apartment- The Easy Way

So you’ve just graduated college and you’re looking to move out into your first very own grown-up apartment. Congrats! That’s a huge step and I’m super excited for you. I do want to warn you though: it’s no piece of cake. Take it from someone who did it trial-by-fire style: between setting up your utilities,Read more

Why I Won’t Pick a Niche- And Neither Should You

So, you want to start a blog. You’re on Pinterest looking at 30 different infographics about how to go about launching your new brainchild, and I bet you at least 25 of them tell you the same thing: pick a niche. Picking a niche, a highly specific topic geared toward a specific group of people,Read more